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  • Ferrof Capsule

    Price Rs.450/-

    Product Description :

    Ferrof Capsule - Herbo Mineral HaeMatinic

    Natural source of Iron :

    • Loh Bhasma,
    • Mandur Bhasma
    • Improves Hb (Haemoglobin) and RBC (Red Blood Cells),
    • Promotes growth

    Natural source of Calcium :

    • Praval pisti, Godanti Bhasma,
    • Sukti Bhasma
    • Enhance normal calcification, builds strong bone structure

    Natural source of Vitamin C:

    • Amalaki Extract
    • Revitalize body tissue
    • Increase immunity
  • Anurect Cap

    Price Rs.660/

    Product Description :

    Drift Capsule - For Early Healing of Piles

    Sonageru Contraction of anus canal and stops bleeding
    Rasvanti Astringent, relieves swelling of G.I.
    Phatakadi Astringent, anti septic and anti spasmodic
    Aeliyo Remove constipation
    Aritha chaal Purgative
    Pulp of limbodi Bacteriostatic
    Kala mari Remove constipation
    Suvarna makshik bhasma Natural source of Iron
    Galo satva Helpful in digestion
    Garmalo Laxative
    Harde Antiseptic, stimulate bile secretion which lubricates intestine

  • Hepatreat

    Price Rs.110/

    Product Description :

    Hepaliv - One Stop Solution for Liver Disorders

    Indications: Useful in Hepatitis, Sluggish Liver, Loss of Appetite, Restricted Growth
    Alcoholic Liver Disorder
    Drug induced Hepato-toxicity
    Adjuvant Therapy in Hepatitis B
    Adjuvant Therapy for Jaundice
  • Xerocare

    Price Rs.95/

    Product Description :

    Xerocare - Total Care for Heal

    Vipadikahar malam

    It is a mixture of boric acid, salicylic acid and lanoline. It prevents infection and promotes tissue repair process and enhances healing.

    Jatyadi oil

    Antiseptic, anti bacterial, promotes tissue repair, soothing emollient, removes swelling and sensation of burning, helps to diminish scars on surface of the skin.

  • Anurect Ointment

    Price Rs.90/

    Product Description :

    Lajavankadonti Antiseptic
    Nagoda Beej Anti parasitic, discutient, analgesic, anti-inflammatory
    Bhringraj Beneficial in skin diseases
    Yellow Phool Astringent and helps in shrinking piles
    Ankado Anti spasmodic, anti inflammatory
    Camphor Reduces burning sensation, antiseptic,

  • Strenus Cap

    Price Rs.650/

    Product Description :

    Strenus Capsule - Acute Pain Management



    Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, spondylitis, frozen shoulder, muscular pain, cramps, sciatica, headache, chest pain due to cough

  • Evareg

    Price Rs.500/

    Product Description :

    Evareg - Menstrual Cycle Regulator


    • Gajar Seed
    • Anti progesterone activity. 7 days course two caps twice daily may abort the foetus
    • Raphanus Sativus
    • Emmenagogue property means increase blood flow in pelvic and uterus results in menstruation
    • Aeliyo
    • Diuretic, laxative and Emmenagogue property
    • Pappiya Seeds
    • Emmenagogue property
    • Hing Roots
    • Emmenagogue property
  • Walinctus

    Price Rs.80/

    Product Description :

    Walinctus - Natural Cough Syrup

    Yashtimadhu Demulcent and soothing agent, expectorant useful in throat irritation
    Tulsi Useful in acute and chronic cough. Anti bacterial, useful in bronchitis
    Adhatoda vasica Strong expectorant
    Nilgiri Oil Reduces glandular swelling, soothes sore throat
    Menthol Dilates blood vessels and bronchii, provides relief in throat congestion
    Navsagar Anti cough and mucolytic effect, liquefies thick sputum and expectorant
    Indication cough, cold, bronchitis allergic cough, laryngitis, pharyngytis

  • Intelget

    Price Rs.550/

    Product Description :

    Intelget Capsule - True Memory Booster

    Arjuna bark Regulates blood circulation and supply to the brain
    Ashwagandha root Hypnotic, sedative agent, stress reliever, stops ageing
    Shankhapushpi Natural tranquilizer and brain tonic
    Brahmi Increase memory. Depression and insanity cases are treated
    Indication Loss of memory, to boost memory, nervous exhaustion, depression, anxiety, insomnia

  • Strenus Gel

    Price Rs.75/

    Product Description :

    Strenus Gel - Acute Pain Management

    Well combination of Gandhpuro oil and Narayan oil have synergistic action as anti-inflammatory and analgesic.


    sMorning Stiffness, sprain, arthritis pain, low back pain, spondylitis

  • Strenus Oil

    Price Rs.120/

    Product Description :

    Strenus Oil - Acute Pain Management

    Well combination of Gandhpuro oil and Narayan oil have synergistic action as anti-inflammatory and analgesic.


    Morning Stiffness, sprain, arthritis pain, low back pain, spondylitis

  • Rhiza

    Price Rs.105/-

    Product Description :

    Rhiza - Get Rid of Acidity and Gas

    For fast relief in acidity and gas.

    Improves digestion

  • Enernext

    Price Rs.80/-

    Product Description :

  • Walzyme

    Price Rs.95/-

    Product Description :

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